Interim Director

Catherine is an interim member of the NHS Transformation Unit’s executive team, focusing on strategy and implementation of strategic and transformational projects.  She is an experienced leader and NHS Non-Executive Director with an international multi-sector track record of helping Executives and Boards develop strategy, models and plans, solve problems, make change and raise finance.  Her previous career includes senior roles at the Cooperative Bank and Britannia Building Society following ten years of international investment banking.  Catherine is known for her thinking, collaboration and people skills, having led and motivated the Coop Bank Strategy team throughout the 2015 period of intense uncertainty and improved team engagement, designed and led the bank’s £300k Values & Ethics Poll and created their Digital Strategy.  As a representative to HM Treasury and British Bankers Association she has influenced national policy.

Catherine is also a Member of the University of Manchester General Assembly and a school governor.

Why are you passionate about the NHS?

I’m passionate about the NHS because I want people to have the best lives they possibly can.  That includes helping them manage their own health as much as possible and getting them great help with their health problems quickly in a way that changes lives.