One of our primary services is the delivery of complex and cross organisational change from inception through to implementation i.e. strategic planning, accelerating and embedding sustainable change as we work with people throughout the change process.

We are experienced in supporting senior and clinical leaders to develop a compelling vision and case for change. Working with our established clinical network and applying a depth of knowledge of the health system, we can quickly and concisely articulate the challenge. Our team of health analysts and finance experts will then generate the right information to evidence the case and support you to move quickly through the decision-making gateways.

As you move towards design, we can support you to understand tried and tested models of care and coach your stakeholders to a solution that fits. We appreciate that to make large scale changes you need to be assured that the detailed design is in place and be clear about the impact of your proposals.

We understand the importance of engagement and can access specialist resource to communicate, manage the media and engage with patients throughout the process. We are well versed in the assurance requirements of NHS England and legal requirements to consult and have led one of the biggest NHS public consultations and successfully defended a judicial review.

Where most consultancies stop, we don’t, we do implementation. This is core to our success; we understand how to move strategic change from paper to reality. We can support you to put the changes in place and to monitor and sustain them.

The following services can be commissioned individually or combined into a bespoke package to meet the specific needs and challenges of your organisation.

  • Case for Change Development

    We recognise that successful service redesign begins with a strong case for change. We can help you understand and build your case for change based on local population information and with the engagement of appropriate stakeholders.

    We will support the development of a succinct and compelling case for change to inform decision making and to help you articulate your key messages to the public and stakeholders. A good case for change is owned by those who will be accountable for delivery, links with national drivers for change and local plans to ensure a cohesive joined up vision for future services.

    In collaboration with clinicians, staff, stakeholders and patients we will outline the issues and supporting evidence of a clinical, operational or financial imperative. Detailed analysis will help you understand the potential impacts of change on other services, the risks and costs.

  • Business Case Development

    A strong business case is the foundation of success for any project. A fully documented rationale is vital to ensure your decisions stand up to public scrutiny. We have a track record of producing robust business cases that demonstrate in-depth consideration of the risks and benefits of proposed change.

    Pre-consultation business case
    We can support you to develop a comprehensive Pre-consultation business case which describes the case for change and the proposed recommendations for improving services. It will detail the development of the options and how they were assessed and will enable public consultation to commence.

    We will support discussion with local stakeholders and health scrutiny bodies to build consensus on the case for change and avoid proposals being developed in isolation. This helps ensure that each option is specified to deliver the required benefits in the most cost effective manner.

    Decision making business case
    Post-consultation, we can help you develop a decision making business case which captures a thorough analysis of all the qualitative and quantitative data collated before, during and after consultation. This will include a recommended proposal for the governing body decision, the expected risks costs and benefits, and an outline plan with timescales.

  • Service Redesign

    We can help you build proposals for your new service and ensure that there is appropriate communications and engagement to deliver your message for change. Where necessary, a full strategy for media management will also be put in place to ensure that you are on the front foot with public communication.

    We can support you to develop options for your new services and to develop criteria in order for you to shortlist and evaluate your final preferred options.  Once your final option has been assured and agreed with our support, we can take your service transformation plans and make them a reality with our implementation and programme management services.

  • Options Appraisal

    Programmes often require a robust option appraisal process to understand and quantify the impact of a number of configurations.

    We have vast experience designing and conducting options appraisals, including understanding the importance and benefits of engagement of stakeholders throughout the options appraisal process.

    There are many impacts of options appraisal, beyond the quantitative outputs. We take into consideration the political, public and stakeholder perception, influence and impact of each available option. The options appraisal also process requires robust analytical assurance, which our analytical team are well placed to deliver for you.

    We will walk your stakeholders through the process to ensure their feel adequately involved and are fully understand the implications of each option.

  • Co-dependency Assessment

    We will support you to understand the implications of service change on other services within and outside of your organisation.

    Our work will draw on a review of co-dependency literature and Royal College Standards. This will be supplemented with clinical engagement across potentially impacted services to provide a deeper understanding of how services interact. Our proven methodology seeks to understand how often and how quickly services are called upon to determine the service access requirements.

  • Workforce Modelling

    As demographic and non-demographic growth is one of key challenges facing the NHS, it’s paramount that providers match the workforce with a profile of patient demand to maximise utilisation of staff.

    Our in-house finance, HR and analytical experts have substantial experience providing workforce modelling which can help meet current pressures and future demand.

    There is an international shortage of clinicians, and therefore the NHS has to work differently to meet the challenges of growth and an ageing population. Royal colleagues have developed clinical standard in medical workforce for patient safety which means an increase in the number of consultant presence. This further compounds the problem.

    For the Healthier Together programme, part of the Greater Manchester transformation programme to standardising acute and specialised care, we changed the existing view of organisational boundaries and developed a workforce model that allowed consultants to work, across a number of sites, between a number of providers, presenting as one NHS.

  • Implementation

    We can assist you to deliver transformational change by designing and delivering a robust implementation process.

    We are passionate in bringing about lasting change for the benefit of patients and communities. We understand that implementation is a high risk phase and as such proper implementation planning is essential in order to ensure real stakeholder ownership and sustainability once your project transitions to business as usual.

    We can plan your implementation phase ensuring you have appropriate risk, issue and dependency management strategies in place. We will also support you with local and national assurance compliance and ongoing engagement with stakeholders.

    Following implementation we will make sure you have the tools in place to monitor risk, track and maximise the realisation of benefits and undertake a comprehensive project evaluation and lessons learned exercise which will identify good practice, innovations and stakeholder feedback and will act as a knowledge bank for future projects.

    We aspire far beyond merely getting projects over the line, and want to ensure our clients pave the way for best practice across the healthcare economy.

  • Change Management

    Introducing any transformational programme requires effective change management.  Effective change management in a complex organisation requires robust planning, leadership, communication and measurement.

    The benefits of effective change management for your organisation are:

    • Increased collaboration
    • Culture of empowerment and engagement amongst staff, volunteers and stakeholders
    • Sustainable and meaningful change
    • Staff retention
    • Improvement in performance metrics

    We offer a structured visible process focussing on people empowerment, communication and engagement.  We will build internal resilience and capability for your organisation through an effective communication and engagement strategy while ensuring performance measurement is aligned to the change process.