The health and social care landscape is constantly evolving. The current challenge for local healthcare economies is to reduce waste and increase capacity to match the growing needs of a changing population. Finance and data analytics will form a big part in developing health solutions for the future. Organisations will need to ensure that they are not only providing value for money, but also providing excellent quality of care to all patients.

We have extensive experience in large-scale analytical and financial modelling. We can model the impact of changes to the patient pathway, from the view of key stakeholders including providers, commissioners and the patients.

Pathway reconfiguration also requires much consideration for patients and communities, both in the present, and in the future. Through analytic and statistical modelling, we can model likely changes to the population and its needs and understand how pathway reconfigurations can affect them. One particular area is travel and access modelling, which enables us to see how changing services will impact on patient travel.

We offer leadership and support with the following services:

  • Financial Modelling

    We have excellent knowledge of healthcare finance and can provide a wide range of financial modelling including;

    Financial gap analysis
    In particular we can provide an economy wide assessment and related gap analysis of the financial challenge being encountered within a particular area.  We also have extensive experience of running sensitivity analyses as appropriate to understand key influences of the financial challenge being encountered to aid in informing client strategy moving forward.

    Review of Long Term Financial Models
    Having been directly involved in overseeing the production and use of complex financial models, we can support clients to review existing models that have been produced.  In particular, our review would undertake to provide a full and detailed review and assurance of models provided with the output being recommendations of refinements or risks within the modelling that the client may want to consider when applying the model to decision making.

    Return on Investment (ROI) for Business Cases
    Often having completed a business case proposal, clients are tasked with assessing the actual return on investment likely for all options being considered.  We can provide an external assessment of business cases allowing an extensive assessment of the likely return on investment of all options being considered.

  • Analytical and Statistical Modelling

    At the heart of any efficient and high performing health system lies the effective use of data. Whether it is profiling the health needs of a particular population, measuring the impact of a new service, or highlighting potential areas for improvement in a patient’s pathway, analysing data can fundamentally change how care is delivered.

    Our analytics and statistical modelling service aims to help our clients make the best use of use data and ultimately make better decisions to benefit patients and service users.

    The following list provides a flavour of the work we can provide:

    • Business intelligence and data visualisation
    • Benchmarking
    • Service evaluation
    • Predictive risk modelling
    • Forecasting activity and future demand
    • Integrating and linking data
    • Population needs profiling
  • Travel and Access Modelling

    Many of the programmes we have delivered involve reconfiguring the site or sites at which a service is provided. It is important to recognise that these changes may have a positive or negative impact on different patient groups; this includes ease of access to sites of service and the travel times to these sites.

    A travel and access assessment should be undertaken by all UK Government departments and agencies implementing change to assess if vulnerable groups are disproportionally affected by the proposed changes.

    We have the skills to accurately model any changes to the travel time and ease of access of patients to different sites. This allows commissioners and providers to weigh up the positives and negatives of services changes and put in place plans to mitigate any adverse effects.

  • Equality Impact Assessment

    The Equality Impact Assessment is a tool which assists commissioners and service providers to systematically identify the positive and negative implications that changes to services will have on equality groups and consider how any adverse effects could be mitigated.

    Impact assessments are a key component of reconfiguration programmes and should be undertaken by all UK Government departments and agencies implementing change. Building on the key clinical and economic arguments for service change, it is important that decision makers also understand the impact these changes may have on the population, in particular, those groups and communities who may be most vulnerable to the effects of changes.

    An Impact Assessment is a statutory requirement undertaken by UK Government department and agencies which helps to address inequalities. When a service is changed there may be many positive aspects; however, there is a need to also take into consideration potential negative impacts.

    We can provide an Integrated Impact Assessment which will assess the potential positive and negative impacts on equality groups. We offer a multi-disciplinary professional team with individuals who are experienced in assessing health, equality and the travel and access impacts of service reconfigurations.