This week is National Apprenticeship Week, an annual celebration focusing on the impact of apprenticeships on employers, the economy and the apprentices themselves.

Here at the Transformation Unit (TU) we’re lucky to have an apprentice as part of our team. Joe White joined the TU in August last year as an Apprentice Administrator.

“I wanted an apprenticeship because I wanted experience of working in an office environment and working in the public sector, but before I came here I had very little experience as I’d only worked in retail,” he said.

“The main differences between my apprenticeship now and previous roles working in retail is that there’s a lot more room to grow, and it gives you opportunities to learn new skills and experiences.”

Dianna Hollins, Managing Consultant of Workforce at the TU, said: “Over the last 10 years the NHS has seen a real drive in the use of apprenticeships and increasing recognition of the benefits the initiative brings to both patient care and staff experience.

“The Long Term Plan highlighted the need to ensure people have rewarding jobs, a positive work culture and opportunities to develop skills. Coupled with the £200m annual Apprenticeship levy contribution by NHS organisations, Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to upskill existing workforce and develop a workforce for tomorrow who are motivated, valued and highly skilled.

“Aligned to our strategic objectives and TU Values, we recognise the importance of embedding Apprenticeships into our workforce strategy to widen participation to transformative careers within the NHS to the benefit or patient care.”

In the video below Joe shares more details of his apprenticeship, the skills and experiences he has gained since joining the TU and why he wanted to become an apprentice.