Nigel Gloudon NHS Transformation Unit - NHS-TU

The NHS Transformation Unit  announces a senior appointment to its team.

Nigel Gloudon has taken the role of Director of Transformation to ensure that the NHS Transformation Unit’s change programmes are managed effectively.

In his previous position as NHS England’s Head of Finance for Cheshire and Merseyside, Nigel was mentored by national chief executive Simon Stevens and has previously held senior roles at two of the ‘big four’ management consultancies, Deloitte and PwC, specialising in public sector and NHS guidance.

Nigel said: “Our national health service is a wonderful institution, but is required to perform and deliver better. This role allows me to demonstrate my deep passion for and commitment to the NHS by helping to shape and implement the change that is needed.

“The NHS Transformation Unit is operating in a space traditionally filled by very well-established names like Deloitte, PwC, KPMG and Ernst & Young, but we have a different approach.

“Importantly, we have many of the highly skilled change capabilities that our private sector counterparts possess. The critical difference with the NHS Transformation Unit however, is the support we provide beyond the advisory process, working with NHS organisations in the practical implementation of transformation, thereby taking a stake in their success. 

“Crucially, this also helps the NHS to grow organically the capabilities required to sustain transformational change, thus helping to deliver first class service improvement for patients.

“It will be a challenging and ever-evolving role, but I am excited about working with a truly dedicated team and board with a unique range of skills derived from across the NHS, Local Authorities, and private and voluntary sectors.”

Leila Williams, chief executive of the NHS Transformation Unit, said: “Nigel has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience across a number of areas, including in NHS financial recovery, working with NHS boards, audit committees and other management tiers on a range of issues including organisational change and corporate governance.

“His expertise from working in similar roles at Deloitte and PwC is enhanced by his key position at NHS England, giving him key insights into health policy development and high level stakeholder engagement.

“We are delighted to have him and expect him to make a big impact on our work while helping to keep our talented transformation professionals working in the public sector.”