The NHS Transformation Unit (TU) has grown from a team of 27 to 33 people and has been reshaped to focus on our four key service lines to drive ongoing delivery of our strategy: • Strategic Transformation & Planning; • Programme & Project Management; • Finance & Analytics; and • Organisational Strategy & Engagement. We were also proud to formalise our collaboration agreement with the NHS Strategy Unit (part of the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit) and become members of the UK Improvement Alliance. KEY PROGRAMME ACHIEVEMENTS INSIDE GREATER MANCHESTER INCLUDE: •  Completing the new Greater Manchester-wide service specification for Oesophago-gastric and Urology cancer which was co-designed with patients, clinicians and providers; assured by NHS England; and approved by commissioners. The collaborative approach used has since formed the template for the transformation of other prioritised services, including Vascular and Neuro-rehabilitation services. •  Creating the Greater Manchester Clinical Reference Group and a clinical champion network to support Trust teams on Healthier Together activities. •  Getting assurance on new A&E, Acute and General Surgery models of care for Greater Manchester. •  Agreement of priorities for "Theme 3" standardising acute and specialised care programme across Greater Manchester and scoping of this work through eight Project Initiation Documents. •  Setting up a system-wide Improvement Board for Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, chaired by Jon Rouse (Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership) and with input from NHS Improvement and the Care Quality Commission to work with clinicians across Greater Manchester to consider options for rapid improvements to A&E, Paediatrics, Maternity and Critical Care. KEY PROGRAMME ACHIEVEMENTS OUTSIDE GREATER MANCHESTER INCLUDE: •  Hosting a ‘Clinical Summit’ in West Yorkshire on Vascular services to design a new model of care with the clinical teams that deliver the services. •  Support to the Nuffield Trust in starting to create a new case mix classification that identifies patients who may benefit from generalist care. Then using this to analyse workload, resource utilisation and outcomes between hospitals and models of care. •  Participation in the RESPECT-21 national large scale research project investigating how consolidation of cancer surgery services affects patient outcomes, patient experience, the ways in which care is organised and provided, and the cost of services. •  Supporting the clinical engagement and leadership element of the Staffordshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership using a mixture of individual and group approaches. •  Successful transition to become an NHS-hosted service; •  Continuing the pioneering work we started in Greater Manchester; and • Diversifying our portfolio of work. From 1st April 2016, we officially became a hosted service of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. This allows us to maintain our status as independent experts in transformation whilst sharing our expertise with other NHS organisations and continuing to receive key support functions such as HR and Finance from one of the country’s leading NHS providers. We have continued our pioneering transformation work in Greater Manchester as part of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership's efforts to reform health and social care services across the conurbation. We are moving forward transformation through both Healthier Together and the design of standardised acute services through the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership's "Theme 3" programme. In addition, we have also made significant strides in diversifying our portfolio by supporting other regions including West Yorkshire and Staffordshire with some of their own transformation plans. This all creates a platform for continued success throughout 2017-18 with further transformation work underway in Greater Manchester and an ever- growing network of clients from further afield. 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY During the last 12 months, the NHS Transformation Unit has gone from strength to strength, making headway in three key areas: 2 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2016/17 We have made significant progress against each of our six strategic objectives for the year. 5