12 2017/18 PRIORITY AREAS 13 HOW TO CONTACT US If you are interested in the work of the TU, looking for a speaker at a conference/event or you would like to discuss some of your own transformation challenges with us, please visit our website www.transformationunitgm.nhs.uk or contact us on transformationunit@nhs.net or 0161 625 7306. Deliver every piece of work for clients to a high standard - with demonstrable outcomes, that stand up to scrutiny, on time and to cost. To support and develop all TU team members to achieve their potential, support their wellbeing and deliver the values of the team within a sustainable organisation. Understand our clients’ needs and respond to them in everything that we do. Embed operational, business and financial management processes to support the successful functioning and planned growth of the organisation. Continue to grow as a national provider of transformation support and diversify the TU portfolio geographically and in scope, for the benefit of patients and organisations. Share our learning and experience nationally as thought leaders. 1 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 MISSION VISION VALUES STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES FOR 2017-18 Transforming health and social care to improve outcomes for patients and communities and reduce variation in care. Provided for the NHS by the NHS. Be the preferred provider of NHS consultancy services driving transformational change for a sustainable NHS. PATIENT & CUSTOMER FOCUS CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT ACCOUNTABILITY RESPECT 37