OBJECTIVE 3 To continue to grow and diversify the TU portfolio for the benefit of patients and public sector organisations. ACHIEVEMENTS •  In addition to our existing commissions for Healthier Together and Theme 3: Standardising Acute and Specialised Care, we have also directly supported four Greater Manchester organisations. •  We have led on four key pieces of work outside Greater Manchester: Shropshire Clinical Review; Staffordshire Clinical Leadership Support; West Yorkshire Vascular Services Review; and analytical support to Nuffield Trust research on models of generalist medical care. APPROACH •  Collaboration agreement signed with the NHS Strategy Unit. •  New suite of marketing materials produced and increased brand visibility through launch of website, attendance at conferences and speaking engagements. OBJECTIVE 5 To enhance our operational and business development processes to support the successful functioning of the organisation. ACHIEVEMENTS •  New independent board in place, including six independent members. •  Executive group roles changed and membership enhanced to include Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Transformation. •  New governance structures, reporting and processes in place to operationalise delivery of our strategy. •  Business development processes defined and in operation. APPROACH •  Head of Business Development and Director of Transformation roles identified and filled to drive forward business and operational processes. •  Organisation reconfigured to focus on four key lines of business. OBJECTIVE 4 To ensure the organisational values and vision are upheld and resourced, ensuring he continued development and support of all the TU team members. ACHIEVEMENTS •  Three members of the TU team have successfully completed six month placements with our Transformation Unit Academy, developing new skills through our unique blend of accredited training and work-based learning. •  Our team has grown from 27 to 33 people during the year and four graduates have been hired to start work with Strategic Transformation & Planning and Finance & Analytics in September 2017. •  Two graduates have successfully completed their 12 month training course in advanced analytics with the Strategy Unit and are now deployed onto client projects. APPROACH •  Rigorous selection methodology used to select people with both the skills to deliver our services and values to match ours. •  Attended three graduate recruitment fairs. •  Made available Transformation Unit Academy opportunities and coaching relationships throughout the year. •  89 per cent of team members with the TU for longer than three months have attended formal training this year, including the Modern Apprenticeship scheme, CIMA, PRINCE2 and leadership programmes provided by the NHS Leadership Academy. OBJECTIVE 6 To contribute to and play a national role in NHS transformation, development and implementation. ACHIEVEMENTS •  Nominated for four national awards in areas covering patient engagement, patient safety and innovation. We are currently a shortlisted finalist in the Health Service Journal's Patient Safety Congress Awards. •  Participation in RESPECT-21 national cancer study. •  Communications advising that the Greater Manchester Oesophago-gastric cancer service will be compliant with standards for the first time in over a decade shared nationally and reported upon in the Health Service Journal. APPROACH •  Accepted as a member of the UK Improvement Alliance. •  Exhibitor at the NHS Expo conference. •  Speaker at an Open Forum event on leading transformation in the NHS. •  Attended NHS Confederation conference and NHS Providers conference. •  Steering group member of the RESPECT-21 study on cancer surgery centralisation. 15