3.4 OUR SERVICE 3.4.1 STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION & PLANNING This business unit focusses on the delivery of complex and cross organisational change from inception through to implementation. We support clinical and operational leaders to develop a compelling vision and case for change, working effectively with established clinical networks and applying a depth of knowledge of the health system. Strategic Transformation & Planning team members work to understand quickly the challenge before our analysts and finance experts then generate the right information to evidence the case. By understanding how to move strategic thinking into reality, we continue to provide support right through to implementation, where most other consultancies would stop. This has always been core to the TU’s success and remains one of our driving principles. 3.4.2 PROGRAMME & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Effective programme and project management is crucial to the success of any major transformation plan. The TU's Programme & Project Management team use approved methodologies to deliver robust progamme and project management, providing clear processes, sound governance structures and rigorous reporting. Our team of experienced project managers can help design and implement complex, technical programmes, involving active stakeholder management and leadership development to ensure that goals are achieved collaboratively. 3.4.3 FINANCE & ANALYTICS Reducing waste and increasing capacity to match the growing need of a changing population is a key challenge for many local healthcare economies. Finance and data analytics form a major part of developing effective and sustainable solutions for the future. With extensive experience in large-scale analytical and statistical modelling, the Finance & Analytics team can model the impact of changes to the patient pathway, from the perspective of key stakeholders such as providers, commissioners and patients. 3.4.4 ORGANISATIONAL STRATEGY & ENGAGEMENT Organisational strategy is about setting the strategic direction for an organisation or locality, covering: strategy, structure, systems, culture, workforce and skills. For transformation to be successful, an organisation or group of organisations must first be clear on the strategic outcomes to be achieved and the governance processes that will enable diverse groups of people to work successfully to design and implement the changes identified. With experience in facilitating and supporting groups of leaders to achieve this clarity, combined with practical understanding of successful implementations, the Organisational Strategy & Engagement team enables open dialogue leading to buy-in across wide-ranging stakeholder groups. This is done by working in partnership with all stakeholders, creating environments where collaboration and innovation can thrive and providing effective mechanisms for broad participation in design, decision-making and implementation processes. This is supported by our key partnerships with research organisations to validate and refine methodologies. Linking with the sections of the Cycle of Transformation, the TU offers a wide variety of services and sub-services through four business units. These are: STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION & PLANNING FINANCE & ANALYTICS PROGRAMME & PROJECT MANAGEMENT ORGANISATIONAL STRATEGY & ENGAGEMENT 11