Head of Business Development

Richard has over 7 years’ experience of business and operational planning in a not-for-profit consultancy environment. As a pharmacology graduate, Richard went on to work at NICE where he oversaw the commercial and operational management of NICE Scientific Advice – an internationally recognised advisory service for the life sciences industry.

As Head of Business Development, Richard is responsible for connecting with the NHS to raise awareness of the TU and identify areas where our skills, knowledge and experience can make a positive impact. Richard is also responsible for working closely with partners to form alliances and develop new services and initiatives.

Why are you passionate about the NHS?

I have always felt that healthcare should be universal and not just for those who can afford it. Each and every one of us needs medical support at some point in our lives and so I’m pleased to be in a role that contributes to the development of world-class services that are available to and meet the needs of the general public.